by Jonny Miller



With poignant Vocals, finger-picking acoustic guitar, sustained 70's Wurlitzer, lonely harmonica solos, ethereal electric guitar swells, spooky organ, and sounds from an antique accordion, and featuring the haunting background vocals of Geneva Miller, as well as the eerie slide guitar textures of Adam Heller; Phantasmagoria is a composition about the pursuit of wisdom, a desire for wonder, and coping with the sorrow of the thought of eventually dying and rotting away into nothingness.


released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Jonny Miller Riverside, California

A free-thinking artist with a passion for wonder, Miller has a voice that is uniquely rich & reminiscent of America’s vast legacy of Folk singers. His acoustic guitar establishes a core of authenticity in all his compositions which are fortified by colorful harmonica solos. His verses tell of anxiety & depression, anger toward social injustice & organized religion, and a profound love of nature. ... more

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Track Name: Phantasmagoria
My Phantasmagoric friend is visiting again;
Floating through the firmament like fog;
Like particles of dust, swirlin, circle-in’,
Or mists pirouette and gather at the dawn;

She whispers to me of the end.
Her vespers resonate of death.
She whispers to me once again.
I’m not ready to listen to her yet.

The traditional theory is rotting full of holes.
No ancient book could assuage my doubts.
Still, I am troubled by a rigid crushing cold.
I tremble at the thought of fading out.